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RTP and general play on new games

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Has anyone noticed how bad new games are lately even from decent providers like BTG and pragmatic?

Normally I love trying out new games but lately they’ve all been garbage and no wonder checking out the RTP on some of them! Not just the RTP like I said but new games like chilli heat meagaways from pragmatic or spicy meatball megaways from btg and even mental from no limit! they just seem to be absolute garbage games! the megaways concept seemed to be thrilling for me when it was first introduced because of the huge potential… but most new megaways slots I just don’t see it anymore 

I watch azzi cos I love the content and his burp/sneeze commentary has me buckled but I love the different formats and follower engagement as well as the high quality content… but I also watch other gambling streamers like bandit, Craig and jimbo etc but I also like watching hideous do his launches and he did the tai flower megaways.. I dunno if I was the only one who noticed but it’s supposed to be random… but in every 12 spins bonus he got … the actual megaways for each spin were either 2400 or 3600 megways… I’m not exaggerating when I say out of the 12 spins at least 10 were either 2400 or 3600 on every spin! I dunno what’s happening with the programming on these games but it just seems lazy….. the game ideas seem lazy… and there Just doesn’t seem to be any new games I’m interested in playing! Dunno if I’m alone in this like haha might just be me! 

Topic starter Posted : 06/09/2021 10:34 pm