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New video idea

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Hiya Azzi.

Just an idea here since you said you were struggling a bit for different variations on the old Bonus Hunt.

Alphabet hunt.   A bonus hunt with a game for each letter - either sticking to 50p stakes and collecting all 26, or leave it on a quid and just see how far through the alphabet you can get.

In my experience it gets you trying new games and reminds you of some old classics. Last time I had a pop at it I had a massive win on Avalon which I hadn't thought about in ages.

 (you might struggle with Q!)

It should be a good video, it might even make a fun challenge with a few other streamers involved, with the added benefit that every video will be different (except everyone is gonna pick Danger High Voltage as their "D").  You could  even turn it into a week long challenge; fixed budget, fixed stakes and anyone with the bankroll can play. 

Have a think about it.  An A-Z challenge just seems to fit AzZi! Lol

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Topic starter Posted : 02/08/2021 10:28 pm